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Lockdown Living

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Well, that was the first week of the new normal…staying at home for the foreseeable future.

I usually work from home so nothing new for me but odd having everyone here all day, every day. What saves the situation has been getting into a daily routine - bookended by Joe Wicks at 9am (not me) and online yoga at 7pm (again not me) - which has been remarkably easy and quite reassuring to follow.

After the morning “gym” session the first walk of the day with Sid and Hattie and then with the neighbour’s two dogs followed by some lunch. In the afternoon a bit of knocking the garden into shape for the arrival of spring and then another dog walk with our two plus the other neighbour’s dog Tess. Last week totalled almost 60km – not bad, if nothing else we’ll all be as fit as fleas when this all over.

Walking with PupsnetNeedless to say the pups are delighted, not only have they got more company but the dog walking has gone up a notch or two as we’ve got more time on our hands, decent weather, the clocks going forward and also because we’re walking neighbours dogs - one’s a nurse and the other has health issues (the neighbour not the dog). It also helps that the weather’s been pretty good, thankfully the virus didn’t appear in February when it seemed to rain every day.

So, on the plus side what have we got? More exercise, giving lots of attention to the garden, being able to wear dog walking/gardening clothes all day every day, no rain and mud to wipe off dogs after being out, saving money on petrol and shopping, more quality time with family. The flip side of this is obviously that work coming in has fallen off a cliff, jobs that were agreed a couple of weeks ago have been put on hold indefinitely. No business wants to spend money when it has none coming in and has employees and potential customers stuck at home. The weekly trip to the supermarket has also become slightly unnerving, some people seem to find the new social distancing concept hard to grasp, especially when pushing a trolley and what is it with picking items up and putting them back down constantly?

One of the joys of living out in the sticks (especially in times like this) is that you don’t see many people but I’ve noticed that there’s a lot more around here at the moment, usually it’s just one man and his dog (me) and the postman. People are obviously driving out from town, parking up and walking around here which I’m pretty sure they’re not supposed to be doing. There’s also a lot more cyclists – get a bell or at least some sort of indication when you’re coming up behind us!

Hopefully they won’t make a habit of it once this is all over as we quite liked our original social isolation.

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